Blue Dog Confession

Will has been missing Blue Dog recently. Blue Dog, you might remember, is a tiny blue plastic dog that Will used to take everywhere, and who has gone missing many times. He was lost again a couple months ago, much to everyone’s dismay. But it seemed that Jon and I were more distressed than Will at the time. So when I found BD in Will’s closet, Jon and I decided to hide him for posterity and for our own peace of mind. Blue Dog is safe and sound in a little dish in my room, though poor Will thinks he’s missing. And every once in a while Will talks about BD and I say “I’m sure he’s around here somewhere.” Is that just terrible or what? I feel sad for Will and guilty for my secret, but what about all the time we’ve spent searching for the little piece of plastic? Can we risk losing him again? Won’t it be cool to bring him out later in the future and reminisce? Have I lost my mind that I’ve spent so much time contemplating the fate of a small plastic dog?

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