Selling the Old Casa

Today we closed the sale of our old house on Holiday Drive… isn’t that a friendly name for a street? We sold the place to a nice older lady who really seemed to love it (and the colors we painted the rooms), who has lots of grandkids who will be visiting her there. I’m happy to have the financial burden of two mortgages removed, and happy to have all my furniture at home now – especially my kitchen table!

But it was a sad day, too. This was the first house that Jon and I bought. We did all the landscaping (by “we” I mean mainly Jon, of course!) and the plants, trees, and hedges are all nice and tall and well-established now. It was the house I brought my first two babies home to, and I can still picture them crawling and toddling through the yard and rooms. It was a good, solid house in an older and friendly, though not so trendy, neighborhood. Perhaps I am a sentimental fool, but I will miss my old house even as I rejoice at selling it and enjoy my new one.

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