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I was listening to Glenn Beck the other day on the radio, and he mentioned an article (sorry – can’t remember where it was from) predicting the decline of Christianity in our culture within the next 10 years – as much as a 50% loss of membership for evangelical churches, following a great decline in mainline Protestant denominations. The author cited the fact that the evangelical church has too closely alligned itself with certain social/political agendas – to the point that many members can far more easily tell you their stance on key social issues than they can articulate the meaning of the gospel message. Glenn’s point was to be sure to know what you believe and why and then stand strong in it.

The thought of such a decline in Christianity troubles me – not so much for the sake of the church or the “religion”, as I know God will not be cheated of His own. He is able to preserve His people. But I would mourn more for the loss to our nation… a loss of foundation, of values, of needed restraint. Sure, nonbelievers can have good morals, but on what are they truly based? When the time of crisis comes, will they be able to stand on conviction or will they be swayed by circumstance and relativism? There is a reason why socialism and communism attack churches.

So, what do you believe? Do you know? If you go to church, do you know why? Do you have an inkling of the corruption of your soul and the far greater provision of God’s grace through Jesus, the Messiah? Do you know there is Truth that is absolute, unshakable, unyielding? Do you rest on the firm foundation of God’s love for us all? If you do, then reaffirm your beliefs and share them with those around you. Pass it on. If not, then take the time to examine yourself, explore the gospel message, ask questions, get answers. Lord, have mercy on us all.

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