Thoughts on Freedom & the Economy

“The land of the free.” What does it mean to be free, in a societal sort of way? Here in America we have many freedoms… freedom to pursue happiness and success along with the freedom to fail. Bummer. No one wants to fail. But we have that freedom, or at least we have historically had that freedom. The freedom to fail is important because just like you don’t fully appreciate or understand light without darkness, or good without evil, you can’t have real success without failure (or at least the possibility of it). People can learn valuable lessons from failures and mistakes that make them better people and more able to succeed in the future.

But now instead of inspiration, motivation, or other encouragement, our country continues down a path of appeasement, enablement, victim mentality, hand-outs and bail-outs. Individuals “can’t make it on their own” (although our new, highly acclaimed president is a great example of someone making it on his own) so we give tax rebates to those who didn’t pay any taxes (logic here?). Corporations are “too big to fail” so the government (or, more correctly, those of us who do pay taxes) finances them and props them up. I am afraid we are leaving behind the ways of free market capitalism that have made this country great, innovative, resourceful, and powerful. The market adjusts and rebounds and moves on; the government nationalizes, controls, creates dependency, and grows bigger and bigger while individual freedom diminishes.

What exactly is the reasoning behind a stimulus package? Give money to people so they will spend it, which will “stimulate the economy” (meaning give money to businesses so they can prosper and create more jobs, etc). Right? So why not let the government keep its money (that it doesn’t even really have), give tax breaks to the businesses so they can prosper, create jobs, and everyone makes more money without adding to our already out-of-control national debt? I guess the politicians just want consumers to have more goodies and toys immediately so they can say they’ve “done something” and we can have more distractions to numb us to the fact that they’re screwing up everything.

Let us be free. Free to succeed. Free to fail. Free to spend our own money as we see fit. Let freedom reign!

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  1. Amy

    Amen sister! What will be anyone’s motivation to better themselves if the government bails everyone out? No one would learn from their mistakes. Our society’s way of thinking is already “off” What is at least four more years of handouts going to do to our country and our people’s priorities?

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