A Whole New Year

Ah, a new year, new opportunities, new days to fill and stories to create. For one thing, I have a new haircut. And Will goes to the doctor on Monday, hopefully to have his port removed so we can establish a new routine of normalcy. We hope to sell our old, but lovely house really soon ($132,000; 3 br 1.5 bath; 1565 sq ft; large fenced backyard; Southside of Savannah – let me know if you or anyone you know might be interested!). I will start a new routine for work… working from home primarily. And, of course, a new baby will be joining us in the spring. And those are just the new things we know about or are planning for. The new year brings many opportunities for change and growth and learning.

Resolutions? For one thing, I know I need to eat healthier. I’ve been dreadfully craving sweets, especially chocolate, for the past couple months, but I really want to avoid the trouble of gestational diabetes, which I was diagnosed with during my pregnancy with Anna (though not with Will). So I know I need to step up my efforts to improve my diet, and manage to exercise more. It should be easier somewhat when the kids are back in school next week as I will have some time to myself again.

So I face the new year with hope and trepidation. Hope because it’s a new start and “with God all things are possible.” And trepidation because I don’t trust the chosen politicians and leaders to accomplish anything worthwhile anytime soon, other than making a bad situation even worse. šŸ™‚ Happy thought. But it is what it is. Life is good. It’s all good. And whatever other current saying you want to throw in there. Happy New Year and best wishes to all!

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