Christmas Eve Eve

Today our family headed to the birth center for our ultrasound to see our new baby. Anna and Will thought it was pretty neat, though #3 was not so impressed and yawned for the camera. No, we did not find out if it’s a boy or girl… we’re holding out for the surprise. Anna really wants a sister, but we’ll see in April/May. Thankfully, the baby is healthy.

Anna, Will, and I also went to the mall to ride the Christmas train and visit the Winter Wonderland at Outdoor World. I can’t believe tomorrow is Christmas Eve – last chance for shopping, wrapping it all up, church with Jon’s family in the evening, opening presents at Jon’s parents’ house.

With all the activity sometimes it’s hard to find time to reflect on the profound depth of meaning in Christmas, the awesome implications of one baby’s birth. But I will try to carve out a piece of “silent night” to attempt to wrap my brain around the fact that the great God of heaven humbled Himself to be born a man, to peasants, in a stable, tended by shepherds. That He somehow had you and me on His mind, in His heart, and His love compelled Him to come. To live among us, to die on our behalf, to rise again to give us the greatest gift of all… true life. Merry Christmas.

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