Christmas Anticipation

“Is today Christmas?” That’s Will’s question for me every day lately. He’s ready to open his presents – or rather, the blue presents whether they’re his or not. He likes blue. I’d better stock up on blue wrapping paper. Anna keeps telling him the day after tomorrow is Christmas. She’s still working on her sense of time. Somehow Christmas is sneaking up on me this year even though I tried to start early, just after Thanksgiving. But I guess spending a week in the hospital set me back. So I have not yet baked the Christmas cookies I had planned on, or finished my shopping, or hung the stockings “by the chimney with care.” But we’re happy. Anna and Will have thoroughly enjoyed decorating the tree, opening advent calendar surprises each day, singing Christmas carols, and riding around looking at Christmas lights after dark. So maybe my plans aren’t working out just as I intended, but the joy of Christmas is not restrained. Sometimes we need to see more through the eyes of a child to appreciate the wonder of the season, the wonder of the world. “Is today Christmas?” Sure, why not? Embrace it.

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