After Thanksgiving

So now we’ve just had Thanksgiving and enter into the Christmas season, and I am woefully struck by the depth of self-centeredness in the world. The poison of the me-first mentality can be seen sometimes on t-shirts that proclaim “it’s all about me” in an attempt at humor. Or it can be seen in the Hummer driver who arrogantly parked his vehicle behind mine in a parking lot with plenty of empty spaces, blocking my exit for his own convenience. Or it can be seen, dreadfully, in the trampling to death of a Walmart employee by sale-hungry shoppers the day after “giving thanks.” What in the world??!! It’s all about me? It’s all about you? How about some human decency, some kindness, compassion, good old-fashioned morality? We have a heart problem (for which there is no government solution.) We cannot legislate kindness or goodness or the quality of one’s heart (although hate crime legislation makes an attempt). There is only one answer, one solution, one savior from our corrupt condition. And now we enter into His season, to remember His first coming, as the need for it is so glaringly illustrated. Let us humble ourselves before His lowly manger, knowing both our profound need and His supreme sufficiency.

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