High School Reunion

I recently attended my 20 year high school reunion. How crazy is that??! There’s no denying your age when you see your old friends and classmates all grown up… when did that happen? It was a lot of fun (even though some people were missing), and I would recommend everyone go to their reunion, too. My sister-in-law Rose made the comment that you kind of owe it to everyone else to go, too, because they want to see you also. Everyone is curious and good-natured about it. And as Jon noted, it’s nice because by this age everyone has figured out who they are basically and are comfortable with themselves. There’s a sense of being settled and established.

Anna and Will went on their first sleepover at Aunt Rose’s house the first night of the reunion. We bought them sleeping bags to make it extra special, and they had a great time! I was just a little concerned about Will because he’s only 2 1/2, but he (and Anna) had a fun time playing with their cousins. The second evening we had a sitter come to our house, which Will found to be much less agreeable, crying off and on the whole evening apparently. Builds character, right? Poor little guy! Anna told me the next time we need to go to a reunion or go to do anything, we should just call Aunt Rose and she and Will can spend the night there again – no problem.

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