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Can you believe the financial mess our country is in? Are you just sick of hearing how screwed up things have gotten? Do you wonder where all this will take us? Is this the end of the world as we know it? We need a change, that’s for sure! We need a change with some substance, though, not mere empty words. We need to fire Congress, or file charges against them for violating the public trust and running this country into the ground. Why are the very people who have been in charge of the system, who were supposedly overseeing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the same ones who now get to tell us how to fix the mess? They couldn’t see this coming a little sooner? They couldn’t have managed it better? Why should we believe they can handle it now? And why the heck are lawyers – known for seeking out loopholes and giving persuasive arguments – the people we entrust our government to anyway? How about some smart people who actually know about the economy and finance and foreign relations and such? Can we start over? Let’s get a do-over. Start fresh.

How about some accountability and personal responsibility in this country – instead of the government trying to help every sob story and just making things worse. For example, if you live in Galveston and don’t have homeowners/flood insurance… what were you thinking??? And why should the rest of us have to bail you out? You buy insurance, you relocate, or you suck it up. Sorry. Or you buy a house you can’t afford or take a risk that turns out badly… sorry, but you face the consequences. Don’t take the rest of us down with you. You make stupid business deals, you take the consequences.

I don’t now what to think about the $700billion rescue plan, but I know we never should have gotten this far. Something has to be done, but let’s not sacrifice our country to socialism and put the government in charge of everything. They’ve proven they are inefficient and corrupt managers… look at social security, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, education, etc. Why does anyone think they can do a good job with the world of finance?

For the sake of change, though, I hope we don’t go crazy and elect Obama in November. In troubled times, with serious problems, we need someone with real, verifiable experience at the lead. Not a junior senator who only served 143 days before starting his presidential exploratory committee. Not someone who rose quickly through the ranks of the corrupt Chicago political scene with no questions asked. Not someone who has trouble speaking without his teleprompter, who is the most liberal member of Congress, who claims to want to be a uniter but has voted with his party line 97% of the time. Not someone who has shady ties to terrorists and racists, who wants to negotiate with terrorists (oh, right – they might be friends), who has Marxist tendencies, who has not really accomplished anything in his time in the Senate – except managing to receive more money from Fannie/Freddie than anyone else in the Senate except one other Democrat.

I’m not a huge McCain fan, though I like Sarah Palin a lot. But if we want to have a hope of saving our country, we need to vote against Obama, which means voting for McCain (because, honestly, the Libertarian guy sadly doesn’t stand a chance). It just doesn’t make any logical sense to vote for Obama – if you had a business and were trying to hire someone, you wouldn’t hire him because his resume is so weak and suspect.

Anyway, so there you have it. I got political, which I try not to do usually. Take it for what it’s worth. That’s my two cents for the day.

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