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Have you ever heard of painting an old laminate countertop? Well, that is our latest project/ experiment. Our countertop at the old house is a lovely 1960’s “classic” that has seen better days for sure. So Jon found info online about painting old countertops, and we are giving it a try to see how it turns out. If it isn’t wonderful, we can always defer to plan A and tear out the old and replace it anyway. So far we’ve primed and painted the first coat, and Jon is painting the second coat tonight. Then we have two accent colors to apply tomorrow, and then seal it with a clear finish. Just with the one coat of paint, it was already an improvement, to say the least! I’ll let you know how it goes.

I think I’ve discovered that our boxer, Lucy, has a fly phobia. We’ve always known she was bothered by flies (she hides from them, whereas cocker spaniel Dixie likes to hunt them down). Tonight there was a fly in the house, and after a while, Lucy started shaking and looking around. I thought she might be having a seizure (our old dog Dakota used to have seizures – thus, I started wondering what was wrong with me that my dogs always get seizures). Then I noticed the fly buzzing around, and I got her to walk with me out to the living room and she seemed fine. Lucy wanted to go outside, so I let her out and she ran around like normal. So I guess it was just the fly getting to her. Personally, I am far more bothered by spiders (the bigger, the worse!) than pesky flies, but I will try to keep the flies away from Lucy from now on.

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