House Update

Yes, we’re still working on our new house. But it’s good. The carpet is in; the bedrooms and hall are mostly done; new ceiling fans are up; we’ve tiled one bathroom, torn out the kitchen floor (to prepare for tiling), and started priming/ painting four other rooms. So progress is being made. The air conditioner sort of works – I think it’s been determined that the unit is too small for the size of the house, so it can’t quite hold temperature when it’s really hot outside (which is precisely when one wants the a/c to be working the most). But anyway…

As I am painting over the last occupants’ vision of home, transforming this new house into a uniquely “us” part of the world, I am reminded of that show on HGTV – “Moving Up,” I think it’s called, where they show these people moving into each other’s houses and making dramatic changes that the previous owners never imagined. I’ve never watched a whole episode, but I’ve seen bits of it a couple times. So anyway, a part of me is a bit sad for the previous residents because they obviously tried to make the place look nice and they probably (hopefully) liked it the way it was. And I wonder what they would think of our improvements. But then the other part of me often comes back with “What were they thinking?!” And so goes the transformation. By the way, if anyone really loves to paint (for free) and is half-way good at it, feel free to join in the fun!

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