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The saga unfolds… the air conditioner is not fixed yet. We need a new coil, which, of course, had to be ordered and won’t arrive until Friday. Removing wallpaper has been quite a drawn-out procedure, the worst casualty being the hall bathroom where the drywall is looking more than a little tattered. That bathroom had at least three different layers of wallpaper and multiple layers of paint that did not want to be removed. We will be victorious in the end – after repairing the drywall.

It’s hard to imagine we will really live in the new house one day. I guess I was not called to be an interior designer, because I have trouble visualizing the make-over being completed. I am confident the house will look great when everything is done, but it can be tough to really believe it will all get done when it is such a mess right now.

In other news…

  • Anna was great in her ballet recital, where she and her friends danced as little flowers – too cute!
  • Jon and I enjoyed a fun evening out recently, joining my boss and his family/friends and my coworker for dinner at the new Bull Street Chophouse, which was very good.
  • I caught up with my sister Laura on the phone recently, and had a great time chatting, which we hadn’t really done before.
  • Will has started using the potty!

So, overall, life is good… even if it’s a bit messy and unpredictable.

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