New House, New Projects

Last week we closed on our new house, so now the games have begun! We have been busily pulling off layers of wallpaper and paint, and removing two bazillion nails and screws from the walls (I would love to have seen this home when the last people were still living there, as I cannot fathom how someone could have used all those nails and screws at one time!). The garage door has been repaired, but the air conditioner, which was working during the home inspection, has unfortunately stopped making cold air (which would have been quite useful this weekend with temperatures around 90). Hopefully that will be remedied tomorrow! And this week the good people from Lowe’s will come measure the hall and bedrooms for new carpet. Once the walls and floors are done, we will be ready to move in and then continue to tackle various projects gradually. Funny how little issues always sneak in, though… like since we’re redoing the bathroom floor, might as well replace the old little toilets, and let’s widen the narrow bathroom door before we paint… all of which make sense, but add to the timeline nonetheless. It would be nice to be moved in by July 4… we’ll see.

I’ve met two of our new neighbors, which has been encouraging. There are lots of young kids around, which is what Jon and I were looking for, and the two moms I met were very welcoming. I even learned that one little girl across the street was hoping we’d be the ones who bought the house because she had seen Anna and Will (apparently a lot of people looked at the house). So that’s exciting to me to be in a more sociable, family-oriented neighborhood. Our current neighborhood is nice, but there are no other kids near us and most people keep to themselves (still it will be sad to leave, as I am terribly sentimental!).

And that’s the news from our corner of the world.

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