A New House (with Commentary on Social Ills)

So we’re buying a new house. Call us crazy – with the sky falling and all – but Jon and I are snatching up a good deal that will give us much-needed extra space and the coveted “better school district” – which reminds me of the young hooligans on a school bus whom I saw throwing wadded up paper at people on the street as we were stuck in traffic downtown this afternoon… a fine reflection of our stunning public school system and strong moral society. How rude! What is wrong with people that they can not recognize the value of other human beings and have some empathy for them? Maybe it was racially motivated?… I don’t think so, but… the kids were black and the people on the street were white… except I forgot that blacks can’t be racist. Surely they had previously been victimized themselves – maybe in a past life – and therefore could not be held responsible for their actions, or… whatever!

Anyway…It’s exciting – four bedrooms (from our three), two-car garage (from no garage), roomy attic (from our pitiful crawl-space), fenced yard for the dogs and kids, convenient to babysitting 🙂 . The only catch is that it’s a foreclosure and needs some work prior to moving in… mainly flooring and painting, but it also has some window and roof issues along with various cosmetic needs. So now we have a project!

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