Lucy’s Veterinary Adventures

Last week Lucy, our adorable boxer mix, had 3 small tumors removed from different locations, and came home with stitches. That was Tuesday. By Thursday we had to return her to the vet because the stitches had come out on her back leg. The good doctor stapled her back together and bandaged her thigh so Lucy wouldn’t bother it. Saturday morning found Anna, Will, Lucy, and me back at the vet’s office again. Her bandage was sliding down her leg and the stitches had come out of her front leg! The vet replaced the bandage, gave me some antibacterial ointment to apply twice a day, and sent Lucy home wearing an “e-collar” so she cannot possibly get to her wounds.

Poor Lucy! Poor Will! He was afraid of the collar the first day and cried “collar off!” the whole time we were waiting to check out of the vet’s office (and I couldn’t pick him up because I had to hold onto Lucy who wanted to greet all the other people and dogs there!). Even now – 2 days later – Will yells “no, Lucy!” if she starts to head toward him. And I’m sure the collar is a bit intimidating to a little guy… Lucy can’t maneuver it very well and gets caught on furniture and people. Eating, playing, climbing into her favorite chair… these have all become challenges to Lucy now, but at least her “boo-boos” will heal. Will even says “Poor Lucy! Poor Baby!”

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