Rainy Day Story

The other day it was raining when Will and I took Anna to preschool, so we had our umbrellas with us (Anna has a pink Disney princess umbrella, of course!). Coming out of the school, just Will and me, Will wanted to carry Anna’s umbrella so, guessing he wouldn’t be scarred for life, I let him. He was cute, toddling along under the little umbrella. From my vantage point next to him, all I could really see was the top of the umbrella and his legs. And then I had an epiphany as I realized I was witnessing what must have been Steven Spielberg’s inspiration for the movements of E.T. Will’s movements were just like E.T.’s – kind of plodding along, carefully holding the umbrella. I’ve heard before that George Lucas got the R2D2 language sounds from the babblings of a baby. Sure, different movie, but same idea. Hmmm… what other inspiration might come from our little ones?

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