Hope From My Pocket or "Go Away" – Part 2

And the Matchbox 20 quote (see previous post) also plays on a deeper level, reminiscent of Paul (the apostle). It’s the idea of doing what you don’t want to do and failing to do what you want to or should do… being your own worst enemy again. In Romans 7 Paul calls himself a “wretched man” and asks who will save him from himself. It’s the struggle between our conscience and our sin nature. We know what is good and right and true to a certain extent, and yet we fall so short time and time again. We fail to live up to the standard of holy and righteous and perfect that is somehow (how could that be?) known in our hearts.

But wait, here it comes… enter grace! Paul answers himself in the very next line – “thanks be to God through Jesus Christ our Lord.” God knows our failure, our hostility, our sin… and He loves us anyway and makes the way for us to be with Him through the work of Jesus. That’s the hope from my pocket – life and peace through Jesus for all who believe. We can’t make ourselves go away, but God can make us new.

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