Living by Faith

Everyone lives by faith in something – whether we are theist, agnostic, atheist, whatever. Some of us look at the world around us – the majesty of the mountains, the complex interconnectedness of the estuaries, the amazing intricacies and complexities of our own human bodies – and put our faith in a Creator God who designed it all in His great wisdom. Others of us look at the same phenomena and put their faith in chance – the great cosmic accident that brought us to this place. Either way, it’s a step of faith. Science, at its core, is about theories, hypotheses, experiments, and observable results. How the world and everything came to be is beyond the scope of science; it cannot be proven or duplicated or even verified. There are theories about the universe that appeal to different people depending on their presuppositions. Let’s not make the foolish mistake of claiming that intelligent, thinking people can only reach one conclusion (as Bill Maher would likely say). There are brilliant and foolish minds in every camp. It seems faith is not so much a matter of reason as it is a matter of the heart… can you dare admit there may be someone so much greater than yourself, someone you owe your very existence to? We all have faith – faith in God, faith in chance, faith in our own efforts and cleverness. Where is your faith?

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