Remember the World

Last night I took Anna and Will to a concert by the Children of the World International Children’s Choir, which represents the work of World Help ( The kids in the choir were from various regions of the world… Africa, Indonesia, South America, Asia… all from poverty, most orphaned (either by AIDS or warfare), all joyous in singing praise to God. You could see the deep joy in their eyes and in their smiles as they poured out their energy in song and dance. They are part of World Help’s child sponsorship program, which helps care for them and provide them with basic needs as well as the hope of the gospel. It was a powerful reminder to me of the bigger world out there… the world that I have seen, but that is still hard to remember sometimes in my microcosm of Savannah. There is such great need and suffering and pain out there (everywhere), and yet there is an even greater hope and blessing in Christ, and we can be a part of it in one way or another.

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