What Do You Know?

This past weekend we had Anna and Will’s joint birthday party… complete with pizza, cake, and more Barbies and trucks than you could shake a stick at (there’s a fun idiom!)!

Thinking thoughts lately… trying to determine a niche about which I know a lot and could possibly generate some dollars from… and I’m realizing, much to my dismay, that I have mostly a superficial knowledge of things. Knowing a little about a lot – a sort of Renaissance woman – which can be a good thing in certain contexts. But where does all that information go that I’ve learned over the years? Sigh! Like all those environmental science classes that earned me my degree so long ago? Was it all for naught? Sure the college experience is a valuable lesson in and of itself and I wouldn’t trade my college years for anything, but maybe I could have majored in something more lucrative, like economics (which I considered at the time) or whatever, that I could have used more directly to generate income along the path of life. Of course, moving back home after college was not exactly the best strategery for pursuing a career as the job market here was/is rather limited. But alas! I digress! Blah, blah, blah… what do you know deeply and well? Hmmm…

Well, I’m out of time for tonight, so more thoughts will have to wait til next time…

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