Marketing Beauty

Sometimes ignorance really is bliss. Today my neighborhood Mary Kay consultant came over and gave me a make-over, which was fun and, technically, free. I like Mary Kay products, and used to use them (until I opted for lower-cost alternatives). I was determined not to buy anything today, not to get drawn in by the marketing ploy for my hard-earned cash. Of course Ms. Kay says her product is the best and really a great value when you consider how long it lasts, etc. Yes, my skin felt lovely and looked oh-so-smooth and I learned some make-up how-to’s tailored for my features. And who wants those tiny lines to turn ugly or to have uneven skin tone or dry lips? Why not firm up those eyes and keep your hands feeling like satin? Who wouldn’t want to protect their skin from free radicals in the air that continually bombard it? Things I hadn’t previously considered have now become my new worries. What will I look like if I continue with my present beauty routine? And how much better would I look if I make the switch?

Well, I managed to escape today with just a small purchase and a promise to consider all these things and get back to Ms. Kay later. Will I go for the $200 bargain special introductory deal with lovely carrying case? Tempting as it may be, I’m thinking no. It’s funny, my Ms. Kay is a Christian and told me how God had blessed her earlier today with a big sale… I wonder if she feels God let her down at my house, while at the same time I’m thanking Him for keeping me strong in the face of temptation!

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