Little Things

It’s the little things in life, right?

Like the other day Will grabbed a pack of new dark chocolate peanut M&M’s in the check-out line at Target and, seeing his excellent taste, I decided to buy them. Yum! What a stroke of genius, although it makes me wonder why it took so long for someone to come up with the idea. But really, dark chocolate makes everything better.

Or like listening to certain music. John Denver’s greatest hits CD makes me happy (like sunshine on my shoulders). Or some music from my formative years in the 80’s… like Wham (what? they’re gay??), John Mellencamp (remember when he was John Cougar?), or even the Beastie Boys (we heard their song “Brass Monkey” tonight on the radio for some unknown reason and wouldn’t you know the tune is stuck in my head now? Oddly enough, after the song was over, the dj announced we were listening to “today’s biggest hits”! I’ve got news for him…). I read part of a book at Books-a-million about the strong impact that music has on our brains – physiologically, emotionally, etc. As you might guess, the author found that we bond especially with music we hear during the teen years because that is when the brain is maturing so rapidly, we are defining ourselves, etc. I think the book was called “This is your brain on music” or something to that effect.

Other little things worth mentioning… happy greetings from happy dogs, how the afternoon sky looks when the sun comes out after a rain with the gray clouds off in the distance, finding the perfect parking space, happy greetings from happy kids…

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