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On Saturday Jon and I took Anna and Will for their first official haircuts. We went to a place that specializes in kids – they got to sit in a jeep, watch kid videos, and eat lollipops while getting their hair cut. Sure it was a bit frivolous, but we thought it was worth it for the special occasion. Anna had a couple inches taken off, and amazingly didn’t cry or fuss about it. And Will… my baby is a little boy now! He looks so different! He cried through the entire haircutting process, and I had to hold on to him to keep him from getting up, but Tanisha (haircutter extraordinaire) said he was really good compared with those kids who kick, scream, and bite!

Anna started a new preschool today at Savannah Christian Church where I used to be a member. We liked her other preschool, but it was new and it turned out they will not be adding a 4-year-old class next year, which we were hoping they would. So we started looking into schools for next year, attended an open house at SCC, and discovered they had openings for this year, which in turn gives us an advantage for next year’s registration. Plus, we were impressed with their curriculum (next week Anna’s class will go on a field trip to a fire station as they’ve been learning about fire stations, etc), and we liked the fact that school is four mornings a week instead of one. Jon and I think Anna will benefit from more frequent and more consistent school time both academically and socially (perhaps more important at this age to us, as Anna is quite socially reserved with peers and has not really made any good friends yet). So anyway, she said she had a good time today at school like it was no big deal (I think it was a bigger deal to me than to her). The teacher said the only thing Anna said the whole time was to ask for more snack at snack time (that’s my girl!). But she’ll get more comfortable as time goes on.

So that’s our news for today. That, and I had a birthday! Happy Birthday to me! I went out to eat on three different occasions with various combinations of people… and one more birthday meal to come this weekend! It’s fun to prolong the celebration!

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