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Today I took Anna and Will to the mall to hang out. While we were looking at the fish in the aquarium at Bass Pro Shop, another mom approached with her two little ones. This wasn’t just any ol’ mom, though. She looked like she had stepped out of the pages of an L L Bean catalog. Now I have seen these catalog people types before, but what was so impressive today was that she had little L L Bean kids, too! Her little boy was maybe 3 years old, wearing his jeans and sweater, and donning a courduroy ivy cap (I had to look that up) with his neat little ponytail peaking out the back. The little girl was also perfectly dressed (less than a year old) with a cute little hat, and being carried in her mother’s arms ever-so-nicely without wiggling or squirming or fussing at all. The woman didn’t even have a stroller with her! I, of course, had our stroller along so Anna could ride and Will could push, with the added bonus that I can put stuff in the bottom basket. We were the perfect picture of all-American casual – more practical than stylish (but cute nonetheless!).

Really I only saw this woman maintain her picture perfection for all of 5 minutes, so who knows what really goes on… maybe 15 minutes later hats were thrown on the floor, the boy was whining for some candy, and the baby was crying with a leaky diaper. But I doubt it (the lack of stroller tells me this woman was not accustomed to such chaos). So hats off to catalog people (did I mention we didn’t have any hats?)! Thanks for giving me something to puzzle over.

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