Our Christmastime with Small Children

Christmas with two young children is a strange adventure. Today Anna, Will, and I braved the mall in an attempt to locate a few last-minute items. Anna rode in the stroller as Will and I pushed it, stopping to pet Santa’s reindeer along the way and dodging the several groups of young students apparently on field trips with their classes (when did going to the mall become a school field trip, I wonder). Our worst moment was my effort to buy some Christmas cards at Target… Will still wanted to push the stroller and threw a fit because we were not moving (I put the brakes on); Anna was still in the stroller, but had slunk down far enough that her feet could reach the floor, and she managed to push the stroller backwards into me; I tried to hold Will, but then he wanted to grab the stroller handle bar to push it that way, and he wailed when I would not let him do that. Those Christmas cards required some hard work! I did not get all that I needed, but that may be all that I get this year! The highlight of our excursion for the kids was probably riding the train that’s set up in the center of the mall. For me, the highlight was the mere fact that I succeeded in buying a couple presents, didn’t lose anybody, and made it home by Will’s naptime! Tonight Anna made a point of telling Jon what she and Will got him for Christmas (yes, I said previously I wasn’t going to share anymore secrets with her, but I thought it would be nice for her to help pick it out!)! Jon just laughed.

Our Christmas tree has also been a source of excitement around here. The day after we decorated it, Will managed to break two Christmas balls when I was in another room. I think he was trying to pull an ornament off that was not cooperating with him, and he shook the tree so that the ball ornaments fell and broke. Then a couple days ago, Will was eating his morning waffle on the couch next to the tree when he decided it would be fun to toss pieces of the waffle into the Christmas tree… a kind of free-form decorating exercise. So I grabbed the remaining waffle away from him, only to turn around and find Dixie, our food-crazed cocker spaniel, standing precariously on the arm of the couch, peering into the tree, poised to launch a waffle recovery mission! I could just imagine the whole tree tumbling over… but I thwarted Dixie’s plans and retrieved the waffle pieces myself.

Just one week left til Christmas… who knows what wonders await us!

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