Anna’s Stage Debut

Yesterday Anna danced in her first ballet performance, “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.” There were two shows at the Trustees Theater in Downtown Savannah. It was a long day for everyone, especially the little ones, but Anna was a real trooper and did a great job! (I was more nervous all day than she was!) We were all very proud of her. In three scenes she was a little girl at a party, and in one scene she was a mouse. There were twelve other little girls the same age doing the same things. Very cute indeed! Anna had a great time – she was so wound up at the end of the day, she twirled and danced all the way back to the van. Grandma and Grandpa, MiMi and PopPop, Uncle Karl, Aunt Sherri, Ryan, and my coworker Cynthia all attended the ballet.

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