Anna’s Spectacular Tea Party

On Saturday afternoon we welcomed friends and family to our home for Anna’s long-awaited Spectacular Tea Party. The ladies wore dresses, while most of the gentlemen chose their best football attire for the occasion (given that the Georgia game inconveniently coincided with our tea party). We feasted on an array of goodies… from pimento cheese sandwiches to muffins to chips and dip. For the traditionalists out there I regret to say there was no hot tea to be found in our midst. Instead our party enjoyed the choice of sweet tea, water, juice, or soda. It was an entirely pleasant way to pass the afternoon, though I fear Lucy and Dixie (our furry friends) would disagree as they were exiled from the event. Anna had a wonderful time, and turned out to be a pretty good little hostess, welcoming our guests and showing them the food, etc. One happy little girl = one successful tea party! Cheers!

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