The sermon today was about mysteries. How there are some things that we just can’t figure out; specifically things about God and His nature. And yet God has chosen to reveal mysteries to us through Jesus and His Word -even though our minds may not fully grasp them – but we may know because of His amazing grace and mercy and love toward us. God stoops down to us when we cannot possibly lift ourselves up. His love reaches out to and yearns for each of our tattered hearts. But how would we know, left to our own devices, our own cleverness? So He put on flesh and dwelt among us in the form of Jesus, and He inspired some people to write His words in the Bible, and He speaks even through those of us who believe and love and follow Him, however imperfectly. How amazing is the unquenchable love and desire of the holy, Most High God for us, such failing and self-absorbed creatures!

Father God, Maker of all that is good and beautiful, thank you for the strength and steadfastness of your love for us mere humans. May your love fill us and flow through us, reaching out to all who might receive it. “Flood the nations with grace and mercy; Send forth Your Word, Lord, and let there be light!”

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