Ramblings on Bugs

The butterflies are migrating south, right past my house, it seems. One after another, yellow butterflies and orange and black butterflies flutter by, with some of them stopping to drink from our flowers. When Will sees one, he points and yells “Bah!” (which is about the same thing he says for “boat” and “ball”). Anna chases after them. I remember when I was a kid chasing butterflies with my net. When I caught one, my mom and I would put it in a jar with a little cottonball dipped in rubbing alcohol, I think, that would “put it to sleep” so we could mount the pretty thing and display it. I am appalled by the very thought of it now, but at the time it did not occur to me that we were actually killing the poor little butterflies.

And whatever happened to all the lightning bugs? Do you guys up north still have lightning bugs? We had so many in New Jersey every summer night, all over the neighborhood. And I remember some lightning bugs when we moved south, but they seem to have disappeared now, which is sad. Or maybe I just don’t live in a good lightning bug neighborhood. We have plenty of other bugs, though! Enough rambling for now – away with me!

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