So we went to Oktoberfest on Saturday with my parents. It was nice. We tried to see the weiner dog race, but it was impossible to see due to the shortness of said dogs combined with the density of the crowd that got there before we did. But we did see lots of weiner dogs walking around (as well as other dogs), and Anna and Will got to pet some of them. There was a lot of beautiful art there, and Anna made some crafts at the kids’ area. Will was determined to ride a boat, trying repeatedly to run down the boat ramps. Maybe next time we’re down on River Street, we’ll ride the ferry across the river (which we’ve done before), but it didn’t seem practical with my parents along.

Of course, there was food, too. We ate some German funnel cake (?). There wasn’t really much German food at all except for those sausages (bratwurst and such), which I don’t like one bit (it’s a texture thing)! Anyway, we drove out toward the beach and ate at Barbara Jean’s Restaurant, which is Southern style cooking, kinda like Paula Deen’s place but without the hype and the lines.

Other than that, I’ve been trying to organize my house better, but it’s a slow process. I have trouble figuring out what I need to buy to maximize my space – cabinets, shelves, etc – and how to make it all work together. I saw a show on HGTV the other night that inspired me. It was called “Fun Shui” (spelling?), a play on Feng Shui. While I don’t buy into some of their ideas about energy escaping out the back door or whatever, it did make sense that your environment can help you be more focused and peaceful, etc when it’s in good order. Jon always gets nervous when I start tackling projects in the house, but so far I think he likes the results. Anyway, blah, blah, blah…

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