Reflections on Glitter

In my continuing quest to find new and fun ways to keep my little people busy, the thought came to me… glitter! I have fond childhood memories of squeezing glue and sprinkling glitter to make lovely pictures, so I thought it was time for Anna (not Will – he would surely eat it and throw it!) to share in the joys of glitter (especially since she loves all things sparkly). We’ve tried those glitter glue tubes that seem like such a good idea, but Anna’s little fingers aren’t strong enough to get the glue out, so I would end up squeezing glue wherever she wants it, which is ok I guess, but it’s not really her doing something fun at that point. So last Wednesday I was at the craft store while Anna was in ballet class, and I succeeded in finding real glitter (which has proved quite difficult to locate with all the glitter glue out there now).

Anna was delighted a few days later when I pulled out the glitter for her to make pictures and decorate a wooden pumpkin picture. She immediately set to work on her creations… squeezing excessive amounts of glue and sprinkling even more glitter, having a blast all the while. Glitter was a definite hit… especially considering it kept her happily occupied for a good half hour or more. There is one downside to all this glitter, though. Glitter is really tiny, and it scatters easily so that, even after “cleaning up”, there is still residual glitter lurking about. I’m not sure it’s possible to truly clean up all the glitter. Plus, glitter is like those little seeds on those tall weeds that grow in the grass… the ones that stick to your shoes and socks as you walk through… it catches a ride on clothes, feet, dogs, etc in order to relocate to another part of the house where it hopes to go unnoticed and unsuspected indefinitely. I am certain that, if you were to come visit me in a month, you would run a good chance of having some glitter attach itself to you from seemingly out of nowhere, and it would be from our craft projects last week. Glitter is here to stay.

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