Balance or Passion?

Driving to work this morning I was listening to talk radio and pondering people who are very outspoken in their opinions, as compared with myself. They are most likely extroverts to begin with, which I am not. I have some strong opinions (ie – Jesus is the Way to Life; big government, socialism, and the far left (hey, synonyms!) are bad; limited government, free markets, and liberty and justice for all are good; there is no perfect temperature for the earth… it goes through cycles like everything else… did you know the “coastal plain” used to be under the ocean??!), but I don’t typically share them aggressively. I like to give others the benefit of the doubt, hoping they have some good reason for thinking as they do, and realizing there are two or more sides to every issue (which most of the media fails to communicate).

Thus, I would say I have a balanced perspective on things, which is friendly, I suppose, but is it inherently good? Balanced, well-rounded… these are good things to a certain extent. But perhaps it is better to be all-out passionate (not necessarily about everything, but about one or two things). How “balanced” was Martin Luther (who inadvertently started the Reformation), Patrick Henry (“Give me liberty or give me death”), Mozart, Van Gogh, the Apostle Paul, Rich Mullins (who took a vow of poverty, while his “riches” from his music went to charity), or any entrepreneur who has started a great organization? Balanced or inspirational? What kind of legacy will we leave?

PS – I still think balance is a good thing (along with reason and looking at different viewpoints, etc)… maybe with a side of passion… but not too extreme… in a balanced sort of way…

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