"In that better land…"

Ok, so much for the lovely cool autumn days… with a heat index in the 90’s today! Ugh! Did everyone watch the Georgia vs. Alabama game last night? How ’bout them Dawgs?! Really I’m not much of a football fan, but Jon was watching it and somehow I got into it in the fourth quarter and even watched the overtime. Anyway…

Here’s a neat quote my friend Rachel reminded me of recently (I’d forgotten exactly how it went): “In that better land, no bright dream is broken, no flower shall fade in beauty’s hand, and no farewell be spoken.” That was an inscription on a headstone in a cemetary in Oregon. Rachel and I had gone for a walk and came across it, and we just thought it was such a beautiful and hopeful statement that we memorized it. The hope of “that better land” – no tears, no decay, no goodbyes. It’s easy to forget in the everyday bustle and struggle and busyness of life. How refreshing it is to me to stop and reflect on that idea once in a while. In this fallen world we know suffering and heartache and too many sad goodbyes. But one day everything will be whole and real and true and beautiful and strong and joyful. That’s all.

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