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Autumn is in the air at last! Cool breezes, butterflies, crisp-looking days with clear blue skies, fun time outside because it’s not so suffocatingly hot and humid anymore! I love the changing of the seasons. I can’t really pinpoint which is my favorite season – it’s each one when it’s fresh and new.

I have a question to throw out just for fun. What would you do if you won the lottery… or otherwise came into a huge sum of money suddenly… like $100 million? Think of all the cool stuff you could do… give to the church and charities; invest in a variety of things; start a business; help other people start their businesses; etc. After taxes, church/charity, and investments, I would want to buy an RV, load up the family, and travel this great country for a while (months). I’d probably write a book about our experiences along the way. I’d also want to visit Africa again, and Europe (especially France, Italy, the UK, Germany, and Ukraine). And I’d send my parents on a trip to Australia, where my mom has always wanted to visit. It would be nice to have a house in Maine, central Virginia, and/or Colorado. I’d like to have a maid to clean my house(s), too. Our houses would be open for visiting missionaries to stay on furlough, and we’d have plenty of room to extend hospitality to anyone who would come for a visit/retreat. So anyway… what would you want to do if you suddenly had a ton of money? Feel free to comment or ramble.


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  1. Anonymous

    This may sound cheesy, but I’d want to use it to create a way to get people out of credit card debt and to understand home economics. I don’t know if it would take the form of a social ministry or providing funding for high schools or what, but I would love to “enlighten” people about pulling themselves out of consumer driven behavior.

    On a more whimsical note, I would buy a huge farm and have all kinds of animals to y and a fresh year-round garden somehow and I would keep bees…in an Eddie Izzard kind of way. I would have it so that I never had to go to the store again. Oh, did I mention that on my farm are about 3 dozen weenie dogs roaming around?

    I would probably do foster care/adopt a bunch of kids too. But with a nanny and help!

  2. That all sounds great! I especially like the image of 3 dozen weenie dogs roaming around. I love dogs, too. I’d like to have a Newfoundland, Great Dane, Chinese Crested (Jon is adamantly opposed to that one, though), Dandie Dinmont Terrier, and the list goes on…

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