What does God know anyway?

“God doesn’t know anything about eating out or stores.” What?? This came from Anna today as we were driving in the minivan, discussing whether or not to eat out for dinner after doing a bit of shopping. Jon and I asked her to explain, but her 3 1/2 years of life had not provided her with that depth of reasoning ability. But she stuck with her statement. It was funny – one of those funny “out of the mouths of babes” kid statements. But it made me think, too, how so often people have ideas about things… God, life, whatever… that we might not even know how we came to think them, but that’s the way it is, to us, and that’s that. No reasoning, nothing to back it up – just some idea that we hold to, unquestioning. We can be very stubborn in our ignorance (as well as in our knowledge) – like sheep. Good thing we have a good Shepherd and grace and mercy…

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  1. Hello Traci, you are well ahead of me!! in terms of having a blog!
    Anyway, Anna is too young to understand that GOD provides the finances for us to even think of eating out when we are tired ! or feel like doing somthing different !! etc.

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